24/7 Live Shows and Infinite Loops

By now you probably know Streamup has narrowed its focus from any type of video chat rooms to specifically live video shows. To help you create the best live shows you can, we’ve added several important features. 

First, we added Show Mode. Show Mode allows you to live stream in Full-HD with RTMP. Until now, you might have used this to stream a one hour show, and ended it when you were done. But did you know you can do 24/7 Live Shows? We want you to have the option to run your channel however you want. Want to run it like CNN and have a 24/7 Live Show? Let’s do it. Rather than ending your stream when you’re done, queue up exciting content to show 24/7 and we’ll stream it for you.

Second, we added YouTube Mode. YouTube Mode allows you to pick as many YouTube videos as you want to play in your channel to watch with your viewers. Want to watch an insightful TED speech or a cool Avicii music video? Simply search for the video and add it to your Playlist. But now, we’ve added a new feature as you can see below. By clicking the arrow button, you’ll be able to set your videos to replay when they’ve completed. This means you can set an infinite loop, allowing you to have a 24/7 Live Show to entertain your audience even when you’re not personally in your channel.


What do you think? Love this? Hate this? Sound off on Twitter or Facebook. As always. we’re committed to building Streamup around what you tell us you want. Tell us your suggestions and feedback and we’ll do our best to deliver for you each and every day.

Kyle Michelson
Founder, Streamup

Our dream for the world

Life is at its very nucleus a mosaic of visions and dreams.  When thought out and implemented, dreams are the not only the most powerful element of life, but the impetus for a more vibrant, forward-thinking society. At Streamup we have always been cognizant of this fact, and try very hard to bring to fruition our hopes and dreams, not only for our company, but for the world.

Our dream is simple and clear; to connect the world through live video.  Very often it seems as if we all live disparate lives, unconnected by not a single variable.  We believe this view of the world is wrong. There is so much that connects us, and the power of a connected populace is one unmatched. Let’s say for example that two people love sports.  Their love for sports is so deep and unabashed that they go to Streamup and watch a broadcast about sports.  Those two people (who otherwise might not) can now connect over their love for sports, and as a result, find out even more about each other and become connected. This is just one example, but the list goes on and on.

Our dream is ambitious and bold. To be frank, we’re not even sure if we’ll be able to achieve it. We will always be able to say that we tried, however, and trying to accomplish life’s most precious attribute, a dream, is something worth doing.

Alan Hyman

Talent Outreach, Streamup

P.S. What’s your dream?

Check out a demo of Streamup taken from one of our new rooms, The Smoke Kingdom.

The More Things Change…

Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr is quoted as saying “The more things change, the more they stay the same.” It’s a proverb we’ve heard over and over throughout our lives, yet probably to the point it’s lost its meaning. What does it really mean?

At Streamup, we interpret this as more than a proverb but as a mission statement. We’re explicitly not trying to add complexity to your life by creating yet another unnecessary way to interact. Instead, we want to help you interact the way you already do, but instead of being limited to interacting face-to-face with whoever is nearby, we want to give you the power to connect with the whole world in a way that is equally immersive.

What if you could start a political movement without ever meeting in person? What if you could start a company who’s office is exclusively online? What if you could host your own TV show without a studio or blockbuster budget? What if you could make friendships with new people across the world as though you’re right there together?

Our goal is to make the technology disappear and come as close as we can to mirroring what it’s like to be there in person. We want to let you see the world through other people’s eyes and show them yours. That’s our vision.

We can’t wait to show you what we have planned. 


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